What are the advantages of a FausettFamily.com account?

You get E-mail and Instant Messaging (yourname@fausettfamily.com), personal and sharable calendars, documents, and (my favorite) a customizable personal page all with the same single login.

Note: You can access ever other feature of your FausettFamily account from any part of your account. For example, you can access your documents from the e-mail section of your account by a single click and without having to log in again. FausettFamily.com accounts are free of charge and powered by Google Apps. For those of you that use GMail, you will love your FausettFamily.com account as most features are nearly identical.


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Customizable Personal Page Click here to view an example.

To add content, sign in at mypage.fausettfamily.com and do the following.
  1. Click on "add content" example
  2. Click on any of the sections on the right to view items in that section example
  3. When you find the content you want to add, simply click on the "add" button example
  1. Click here to search thousands of gadgets to add.
  2. When you find the gadget you would like to add, click on the link at the top of the gadget NOT the "Add it now" bottom. example
  3. Right-click on "view source" and select "copy shortcut" (or equivalent option in your browser) example
  4. Sign into your customizable personal FausettFamily.com page
  5. Click on "add content" example
  6. Click on "Create a Section", right-click on the text box that appears, select "paste", and click the "Go" button. example

Your can also search by topic for any feed, such as news, sports, or hobby information (which is automatically updated with the most up to date information). example
  1. After signing in, click on "Add Content"
  2. Click on "Create a Section"
  3. Type your topic in the text box that appears and click "go."
  4. Find which feed source you would like to add (as the search will most likely find more than one feed source on that topic) and click "add"
After adding the content that you would like on the site, you can arrange it any way you like; simple, click the header of the content, and drag it to where you want it. example

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If you would like an FausettFamily.com account, please send an e-mail to account@fausettfamily.com or use the contact link at the bottom of this page. Note: Only those who are descents of Elmer and Merle Fausett will be given access to private information such as the Fausett Family Directory and the Fausett Family Calendar.